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Tourism Australia Travel Update: COVID-19

27 Mar 2020

Travel Update on COVID-19 from Tourism Australia. With the COVID-19 situation evolving at a rapid pace globally, Tourism Australia is updating the Australia travel alert page as information becomes available.

Deferment Of Travel & Tours Enhancement Course (TTEC)

18 Mar 2020

MATTA received a letter from Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, informing TTEC, TTMC and several other courses has been deferred till 30 April 2020

Travel Update : 3 March 2020 COVID-19

6 Mar 2020

Travel Update on COVID-19 from The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations (ECTAA) specifically on the situation in Europe

Travel Update : 25 February 2020 COVID-19

26 Feb 2020

Travel Update on Covid-2019 from The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations (ECTAA) specifically on the situation in Italy

Refund Extension By The Airlines

6 Feb 2020

MATTA is waiting from the national airlines (after a meeting held recently) to revert back on the extension of refund due to flight cancellations caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus situation.

Updates on Coronavirus Outbreak: Meeting with Ministry Of Tourism, Arts And Culture & Ministry Of Health Malaysia

29 Jan 2020

MATTA together with key industry stakeholders had discussions with the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Health over two days and many pertinent issues ranging from situation containment and crisis management were discussed.

[UPDATED] Sales & Services Tax (SST) On Tourism Management Services: Service Tax On "Inbound Tour Packages"

3 May 2019

The implementation of the service tax on "Inbound Tour Packages" by travel agents is being postponed to another date to be informed later.

[UPDATED] Sales & Services Tax (SST) On Tourism Management Services

22 Feb 2019

MATTA met with Royal Malaysian Customs Department (with En. Faizulnudin bin Hashim, Timbalan Pengarah, Bahagian CDN, RMCD, and his officers) on 15 February 2019 to seek further clarifications on Sales and Services Tax on Tourism Management Services

President's Message - Looking Forward To 2019

17 Dec 2018

An exciting year has come to a close bringing with it momentous change; a new government bringing with it the promise of new opportunities.

[UPDATED] Sales & Service Tax (SST) On Tour And Travel Industry - Excursion Bus Services

28 Nov 2018

Service Tax treatment of self-owned Excursions Bus services which are bundled into tour packages – would this cause the Bus Service and tour package to be subject to Service Tax?

[UPDATED] Sales & Service Tax (SST) On Tour And Travel Industry

31 Oct 2018

Reply from Royal Malaysian Customs Department on Memorandum on ‘Service Tax Technical Issues for Tour and Travel Industry’ by MATTA.

PCI DSS Application web-page link

14 Aug 2018

Click here to apply :

[MEMBER-ONLY] Subscribe To MATTA WhatsApp Broadcast

22 Jan 2018

Stay updated with MATTA latest announcements, upcoming campaigns and industry updates on your mobile.

MATTA Membership Dedicated Line Available

19 Dec 2017

In order to improve Members service, MATTA has registered a dedicated line (+603-9221 8855) to facilitate Members on Membership-related issues and enquiries. Our team will ensure each Members enquiries are prioritised with high service level.

42 Years On, MATTA Gets More Vibrant

22 Sep 2017 Suara MATTA (July -September 2017)

In a span of 42 years, MATTA has grown from the first 30 to now 100 times larger - about 3,200 members. 96% or more than 3,000 of its members are licensed for Inbound. The industry grew because tourism has become a pillar of the Malaysian industry.

Notice to Members on New Payment Channel

16 Jun 2017

In our efforts to improve our services to our Members, kindly be advised that starting 1 July 2017, all payments for Membership applications and renewals can only be made through the MATTA website.

MATTA – SLDN Apprentice Programme

3 May 2017

National Dual Training System (SLDN) raising tourism industry's efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Sign up now for MATTA - SLDN Apprentice Programme

Game to Dazzle the Digital Experience?

1 Apr 2017

Malaysians are a connected lot with 70% of her population or 18 million people using the Internet.

Technology, the Pivot of Tomorrow’s Travel Business

1 Apr 2017

“Having a business means, always reinventing yourself and staying ahead of trends, not just respond to them. It is important to keep up-to-date, because it gives a business owner or manager the possibility to make informed decisions.” -Mohammad Faeez

PCI DSS Compliance, Why?

1 Feb 2017

Like every business on the planet, the airline industry is taking flight into the new generation of business model.

MAVCOM, the Consumers Protector

1 Jul 2016 Suara MATTA (July-Sept 2016)

Airlines and airports are now given 30 days to resolve consumer complaints. It also calls for compensation and care due to flight delays exceeding two hours, cancellations and lost or damaged luggage.

Best 50’s for Visit ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration

1 Jul 2016

Come next year in 2017, the formation of Asean shall mark its 50th year and with it the tourism industry is rolling out the exciting ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration.

Joint Synergy to Upskill the Industry

1 Jul 2016 Suara MATTA (July-Sept 2016)

Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) or also known as National Dual Training System (NDTS) towards industry driven training and adding value to national human capital workforce.

Gearing Into The Digital Economy With MATTA.Travel

1 Apr 2016 Suara MATTA (Apr-Jun 2016)

Travellers are today used to making reservations online. They are spoilt for choice from the many resources available through online reservations.

Commanding Top-Flight Attention

1 Jan 2016 Suara MATTA (Jan-Mar 2016)

Some of the most talked about agreements recently are the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).