Tourism Malaysia "Matching Grant Program” - Gamelan Malaysia 2021

13 April 2021

Dear Members,

Kindly be informed that Tourism Malaysia has extended until further advice their “Matching Grant Program”, also known as Galakan Melancong Malaysia (GAMELAN) - a financial support facility in the form of a reimbursable grant to stimulate Malaysia Tourism promotional activities with the objective to revive domestic tourism and increase revenue to the country.

The allocation format is through reimbursable financial assistance provided under the Special Allocation by Ministry of Finance, (MOF) and channelled to Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC).

It is a matching grant that works on the basis of reimbursable financial assistance whereby eligible companies in the tourism industry may claim 50% of the actual cost of their promotional project or the maximum amount allowed for each project category.

An amount of RM300,000 per eligible company for each financial year. Any company which has utilized the full grant amount of RM300,000, since the date of commencement of GAMELAN in 2019, will no longer be eligible for consideration.

The claim amount is based on one (1) participation which is 50% from the actual eligible expenses OR based on ceiling per activity/programme – whichever is lower. The total maximum claim per activity/program is stated in Eligibility Criteria Schedule.

Kindly click here for the guidelines and a comprehensive list of amounts claimable. Or check Tourism Malaysia website at

MATTA members may apply to Tourism Malaysia for matching grants.

Thank you.

Vice President Inbound & Domestic
Term 2019 - 2021