[MEMBER-ONLY] Subscribe To MATTA WhatsApp Broadcast

15 March 2021

Dear Members,

Kindly be advised that the number we been using for the MATTA WHATSAPP BROADCAST SYSTEM has been changed to a new number to 016-605 6035 due to some technical reasons.

We would like to request members who have saved the old number (016-373 1543) to update to this new number 016-605 6035 and save it immediately to enable you to receive our MATTA WhatsApp Broadcast messages.

To register, please send [MATTA ID], [COMPANY NAME], [STATE] to 016-605 6035 (NEW Broadcast System) through Whatsapp now.

This is effective from 16 March 2021.

Thank you.

Chief Executive Officer

*This feature is available to MATTA Members only.