Hopeful Proposal to the Ministry of Transport

On 2 October 2018, MATTA President Datuk Tan Kok Liang led sevral MATTA Exco members to a meeting with the MInistry of Transport YB Tuan Anthony Loke in Putrajaya.

The official visit coincide with MATTA's bjective to hold a discourse with the MInister about transportation's influence on the tourism industry. A proposal wal also submitted to the Minister detailing suggestions and recommendations on Land Transportation, Air Transportation and Cruise Liners.

Amongst the many concerns and issues raised with the MInister included cross-border transportation, high-end tour vehicles, licensing and policies especially on clients charter, guidelines and equity change of Bumiputra to non-Bumiputra in travel companies, minimum Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for excursion bus, Foreign-Owned Travel Agencies, Chartered Buses, Lifespan of tour Buses and the use of tourist guides in excursion buses for domestic tourists.

Matters relating to air transportation such as the standard and treatment of fuel surcharge, airport cleanliness and security checks, airport tax and touting activities at the airports were also discussed with the Minister. At the same time, MATTA’s delegation presented the strategic reasons and rationale for Malaysian ports to become “Home Ports” for cruise liners as part of the country’s committed stance to promote cruise tourism in the region.

Like the many official visits to the various ministers and ministries, the meeting with YB Anthony presented MATTA with an avenue to officially engage and discuss critical and very pertinent issues with the Minister in anticipation of smoothening and encouraging the tourism industry. This has always been MATTA’s stand as the offici voice for the travel industry. To that end, representatives at the meeting also shared issues discussed with the previous Minister of Transport.

MATTA President Datuk Tan also took the opportunity to present a cheque to YB Anthony for Tabung Harapan. The RM100,000 contribution was part of the proceeds from the recently concluded MATTA Fair from 7 to 9 September 2018. The contribution was derived from the entrance fee to the Fair where every RM4 paid to enter by anindividual, RM1 is channeled to the fund. The National MATTA Fair KL in September attracted 93,084 visitors.