KUALA LUMPUR, 22 June 2022: The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) is pleased to launch  MATTA Online, a new   AI-powered   cutting-edge   24/7   online   travel   marketplace   and platform  for   MATTA   members   comprising  travel   agents   and   tour operators for hotels, airlines, attractions, theme parks and other tourism providers. In line with Malaysians’ increased demand for overseas and domestic travel, the platform allows MATTA members to sell directly to consumers.

“This platform will serve the best needs of travelers—both Malaysians and foreigners alike—and will give tourism players, especially MATTA members a clear and distinct advantage in the online travel space. It will also put the control of the Malaysian tourism industry back in the hands of  Malaysians,”  said  YB  Dato’  Sri  Hajah  Nancy  Shukri,  Minister  of Tourism,  Arts  and  Culture  Malaysia  who  presented  and  officiated  the launch ceremony.

“MATTA’s pioneering efforts for this online platform is to support small and medium travel agents in terms of marketing and contracting with the consumers. In line with government initiative of the digital economy, it is set   to   improve   business   opportunities,   increase   occupancy,   bolster revenue generation and boost travel trade profitability. MATTA Online also provides an alternative for consumers to buy from a licensed platform to eliminate scammers, internet fraud and unlicensed travel agents,” said Datuk Tan Kok Liang, President of MATTA.

“Today  marks  our  official  collaboration  with  our  Technology  Partner, Fusionex, the largest data technology company in the region, as well as an   established   multi-award-winning   data   technology   market   leader specializing  in  Analytics,  Big  Data,  Machine  Learning  and  Artificial Intelligence,” said Tan.

Tan also said that the platform would enable MATTA Members to reach up  to   16.29  million  Malaysians  as  well  as  target  a  global  consumer audience. The platform is uniquely positioned to serve SMEs as well as protecting   consumers   by   providing   a   safe,   regulated   and   trusted environment to shop for travel packages. He also said that the platform would   eventually   help   eliminate   scammers,   internet   fraudsters   and unlicensed travel agents that operate through various social media and un- regulated platforms.

“We are deeply honored to be MATTA's technology partner and support their efforts to cater to all travel and tourism needs, as well as help the industry recuperate, rebuild and become more resilient through cutting- edge digital technology,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato' Seri Ivan Teh.

“This  synergy  will  enable  MATTA  to  further  drive  innovation  in Malaysia's travel and tourism space by empowering local travel agents and tourism operators to meet customer demand, expand market reach, amplify  business  opportunities  and  improve  revenue  generation.,”  said Teh.

Industry players on the ground have relayed positive feedback of many tour bookings made and are expecting international tourist figures to hit five million people by the end of this year.

“With  the  government’s  latest  announcement  for  the  resumption  of international  travel,  its  efforts  to  promote  Malaysia  as  a  safe  travel destination  and  MATTA’s  launch  of  this  new  platform,  the  travel  and tourism players have responded positively and are eager to promote their products and attractions. This is a timely shot in the arm for the Malaysian travel and tourism industry,” concluded Tan.