MATTA Signs MoU with GOJO E-Hailing Provider to Rouse and Promote Tourism Industry into the Future

Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2020 – The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GOJO e-hailing provider.

MATTA Vice President for Land Transportation Subramaniam Kandasamy said, “The strategic partnership from this Memorandum is aimed to develop a framework for cooperation between MATTA members and GOJO to provide a technology app to prepare members with transport vehicles for the industry into the future and help business sustenance of our members during and after this current difficult period due to the pandemic.”

“The Memorandum is also forged in order to help promote the tourism industry, for the inbound and domestic sectors, in particular land transportation in Malaysia through networking, marketing, and promotion activities.”

The Chief Operating Officer of GOJO Transport App, SBS Pradeep Kumar, said “GOJO, Malaysia’s latest and fastest growing e-hailing provider, partners with MATTA, to connect thousands of tourism vehicles with e-hailing ground transportation jobs.”

“Since the start of the pandemic, tourism has been one of the hardest hit industries in Malaysia and the road to recovery is yet in sight. Through this partnership, tourism transport companies will be brought onto GOJO’s e-hailing platform to receive on-demand rides to supplement their income. In addition, all tourism vehicle drivers are eligible to participate in GOJO Founder’s Fund - a profit-sharing program designed to protect drivers’ livelihood in this tough situation.”

“With GOJO’s cutting-edge mobility tech, MATTA drivers get access to smart features that protect their health and safety on the road, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. GOJO’s Facial Recognition Technology detects if a Driver is wearing a mask before taking a booking, while GOJO’s Voice Note feature enables seamless hands-free communication with customers. MATTA Drivers can also drive with peace of mind with GOJO, knowing that cashless payment is available through GOJO Wallet.”

To commemorate the partnership launch and also to support tourism transport companies, each vehicle will get an instant RM250 signup bonus, valid till 31 March 2021, in their Credit Wallet. MATTA customers also enjoy a 10% discount on their first GOJO ride.

“Born amidst a raging pandemic, GOJO’s one and only mission is always about driving innovations for the betterment of Malaysians. Our latest partnership with MATTA is proof of our commitment to local communities. We want to help jumpstart the recovery of our vibrant domestic tourism, through our proprietary technology - Intercity, that offers on-demand, empty vehicle seats in long distance trips at affordable prices.” - said Pradeep Kumar.

“GOJO was launched in Malaysia on August 08 2020, and has recorded steady, resilient growth despite COVID-19’s dampening effect. Over 100,000 active GOJO customers use e-hailing and delivery services by dedicated GOJO drivers on the platform every day.”

To learn more about GOJO, refer to and download GOJO to book e-hailing and delivery services at

Vice President of MATTA, Subramaniam also said “MATTA and GOJO can establish synergy for a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and for the enhancement of the tourism industry in the country through this partnership.”

“With the signing of this Memorandum, MATTA looks forward for an advantageous collaboration with GOJO as part of revitalizing the current difficult conditions in the tourism industry into the future. The Memorandum is also of significance as it is an opportunity for new business model with technology towards a better and more sustainable tourism for the future.”

“Additionally, the Land Transport Public Agency (APAD) now allows public transports such as tour van below 11 seaters to be used for e-hailing services, subject to the vehicle’s age and must be registered with any e-hailing app that is licensed by APAD. We strongly encourage our members with transport business to embrace technology to enhance their business to a higher level, and for a start to register for this GOJO Transport App”, said Subramaniam.

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