MATTA Lauds Mavcom For Demanding Full Refunds On Air Ticket Cancellations

Kuala  Lumpur,  24  February  2021  –  The  Malaysian  Association  of  Tour  and  Travel Agents (MATTA) is thankful that the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) has finally spoken up on issues of air ticket refunds.

MATTA  Vice  President  Air  Transportation  Shazli  Affuat  Ghazali  said,  “MATTA  has expressed  our  concerns  and  reiterated  this  issue  many  times  through  our  numerous statements. We have been actively engaging with key policy makers including the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), MAVCOM and Tribunal for Consumer Claims.”

“Earlier on, we had already foreseen the problem and hardship that affected consumers due to  the  ongoing  pandemic  and  the  unprecedented  circumstances  that  have  risen  from limitations to air travel. It is a matter of principle to provide refunds for cancelled air tickets as most services are still not rendered due to the extraordinary situation.”

“We are firm that taking deposits for future services and the inability to provide refunds for the consumers is not prudent financial management despite the adverse conditions of the aviation sector. Many others are also currently facing fiscal problems and not just the airlines.”

“MAVCOM is finally acting duly to one of its functions in providing a mechanism for protection  of  consumers  by  directing  the  airlines  to  issue  full  refunds  on  cancelled  air tickets. Airlines must cooperate and accommodate the requests by consumers as best as they can.”

“Under the new norm, it is also important to have this cancellation issue resolved as it can shift  booking  patterns  and  travel  trends  in  the  future.  It  may  also  affect  consumer’s confidence  in  travelling  throughout  these  uncertain  times,  which  is  something  that  the airlines must bear in mind once they are able to fully render their services again,” concluded Shazli.

Vice President Air Transportation
Term 2019 – 2021