High-Tech Surveillance Equipment For Malaysian Airports? MATTA Says Aye!

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 November 2016: Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) President Datuk Hj Hamzah Rahmat has given the thumbs-up to Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) to adopt the “ThruVis” technology developed in Britain by Digital Barriers.

Hamzah said “If the high-tech cameras can detect items such as weapons, explosives, drugs and contraband hidden beneath layers of clothing, then they should be deployed not just at entrances of all our international airports, but also at security checkpoints.”

“If this highly sensitive surveillance equipment could detect anyone wearing a bomb vest or carrying a concealed weapon from a distance with 100 percent success rate, it would be equally effective at security checkpoints inside the airport.”

“As such, we should do away with manual pat-downs, as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) recommends pat-down procedures at airports without effective body scanners. Those who have travelled all over the world without being frisked are particularly annoyed when groped by security officers in Malaysia.”

“The cost of adopting cutting-edge technology may be high but the price is higher for any serious lapse of security. Therefore, MATTA urges MAHB to join 15 other countries that have adopted the “ThruVis” surveillance system without delay. In doing so, Malaysia would be elevated from a third-world airport security system to match those found in world’s leading airports.”

“Passengers travelling through international airports in Malaysia will enjoy the feel-good factor, knowing full well that security is top-notch. More tourists will visit Malaysia when our country is perceived as a very safe destination, and having high security measures in place would deter those with ill intentions.”

“We must be quick to embrace new technology and always remain ahead of those trying to breach security. MAHB would recoup its investment from the larger number of airport users, and tourism will continue to flourish in a safe and secure environment”, concluded Hamzah.