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Seats are limited, so book your place soonest to ensure getting a seat at one of the sessions!

Date and Venue

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 (9:00 AM - 5:45 PM)
MATTA Johor Chapter
No.112-02, Jalan Adda 7,
Taman Adda
Johor Bahru
81100, Johor

* Registration closes Tue, 21 Nov 2017, 1:00 PM

Additional Info

LE Global Sdn Bhd (LGMS) is conducting another session of PCI DSS Programme on 22 November 2017 at MATTA Johor Office. This PCIDSS compliance programme is to help Members get compliant quickly and easily at an affordable rate.

The programme is split into two parts. Part 1 is designed to help participants assess their company's compliance level and the steps they need to take to meet compliance requirements.  Participants will get to engage consultants in a small classroom setting face-to-face.

Once participants are ready, they will undergo Part 2 with the help of the authorized assessor to become PCIDSS compliant.

PCI DSS Compliance Programme

Part I: Implementing PCI Foundation
• PCI DSS local experts will be guiding MATTA members on how to identify merchant compliance levels,
• Learning and completing the required Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
• Perform an initial PCI-ASV Vulnerability Scanning
• Identify compliance gap (CG) from the SAQ

Part II: Certification Compliance
• Based on CG identified from Part 1, MATTA members start to implement PCI controls by performing self-implementation or engage qualified vendors to implement for them
• Engage official PCI authorized vendor to obtain the PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC)
• Engage official PCI authorized vendor to obtain PCI ASV AoC
• Submit both AoC and ASV AoC to IATA
• Compliance Success!

1. This notice is for the Part I of the programme.
2. Part II programme is ONLY made available to members who have completed Part I of the programme.


1.  LE Global Sdn Bhd  PCI DSS Compliance Programme will meet 100% of IATA requirements and Acquiring Banks (If applicable) requirements.
2.  With the above LE Global Sdn Bhd will provide money back guarantee on PCI DSS Programme to meet IATA requirements.

The Part I programme is 9.00 am to 5.45 pm on 22 November 2017, Wednesday as follows:

9.00 am - 9.10 am    | Opening Remarks
9.10 am - 12.00 pm   | Workshop
12.00 pm – 1.00 pm  | Lunch (own arrangement)
1.00 pm – 5.45 pm    | Workshop


Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents
(MATTA Johor Chapter)

No 112 7, 02 Jalan Adda Utama
Taman Abad
81100 Johor Bahru

Seats are limited, so book your place soonest to ensure getting a seat at one of the sessions!

• Primary person in charge of IATA accounts and decision makers of the company and highly encouraged to attend for the training.
• IT Managers / Network System manager and administrator
• Each member can send a maximum of two (2) persons.


Mr CF Fong, Director of LE Global Services  Sdn Bhd, (LGMS)
Payment Card Industry Approved Scanning Vendors (PCI ASV),
Security Assessment Specialist, International event speaker, Co-Founder of (ISC)2Malaysia Chapter
Awarded as the 2013 IDG ASEAN Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the year and 2016 Cyber Security Professional of the year by Cyber Security Malaysia, Mr. Fong Choong Fook has had considerable experience in the IT industry and is a 20-year veteran in the specialized and highly-demanding arena of information security; his special focus is undertaking IT security trainings and consultations to match strategic business objectives.

Mr. Fong is also the most experienced certified PCI ASV personnel in the country.

He has consulted with, and trained multiple government and multinational clients in the Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Africa regions on PCI DSS, information system security, enterprise risk matrix design, policy review, policy implementation assurance, penetration testing, technical configuration evaluation, security procedures and disaster recovery/business continuity planning

Mr Gilbert Chu, Associate Director in LE Global Services  Sdn Bhd, (LGMS)
Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCIQSA)

Backed by more than 7 solid years of PCI DSS, technical risk analysis and ISMS consultation, implementation & assessment, Mr. Gilbert Chu currently is an Information Security Managing Consultant and Associate Director for LE Global Services Sdn Bhd.  With a strong passion in IT Security, he is actively pursuing his interest in Digital Forensic and Business Continuity Management.

Mr. Gilbert Chu received his PCI QSA certification status back in 2015. He has led many organizations in achieving their PCIDSS compliance success ever since.


This Part 1 Programme will incorporate introduction, understanding, procedure, feedback, and discussions.


This is the Part I of PCI DSS Compliances programme and each batch of seating is limited to 30 participants, (20  Companies). Late registrations will be placed on the waitlist and given priority for the next programme (date to be announced later).


MATTA members will enjoy a special discounted fees at RM 6,200.00 plus GST (RM6,572.00). Normal price per participating member organization is RM7,900.00 plus GST.

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