‘Plane’ And Simple Not Enough

PETALING JAYA: Amenities at KLIA and klia2 must be improved further, said the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA).

“While modern airports around the world and especially around the region are equipped with body scanners, we are still using pat-downs and frisking passengers when passengers ought to be treated with decorum,” said its president Datuk Hamzah Rahmat.

He added that basic amenities such as clean toilets and proper security equipment should be in place before any increase in Passenger Service Charges (PSC), as “there is no justification to pay more if you are getting the same poor standard of service in many airports”.

MATTA said this in a recent press statement following the announcement about the PSC revision, which will come into effect on Jan 1.

From next year, domestic travellers will need to pay RM11 for PSC, from the current charges of between RM6 and RM9.

Those travelling to Asean and international destinations will pay between RM35 and RM73 in PSCs, compared with between RM32 and RM65 now.
However, these changes will only affect those buying flight tickets and travelling in the new year.

Those who have bought their tickets this year but will only travel in 2017 are not affected, said the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) statement on Monday when the PSC revisions were announced.

Mavcom said the PSC revisions would help airports increase their efficiency and equalise competition between airlines operating in KLIA and klia2.

Travel enthusiasts, while unhappy about the impending PSC increases, said it would not dampen their love for travel.

Graphic designer Farah Wahida, in her 30s, said those passionate about travelling would close an eye to the increase if it helped realise their dreams to make new discoveries.

“As a budget traveller, I try and save whenever I can whether it be on flight, meals or accommodation.

“I will continue travelling as there are many ways I can save,” she said.

Social media strategist Nick Yap, 26, believes that travellers will be more discerning and take advantage of promotions offered by airlines and travel agencies.

“This just means I will have to plan better.

“I think more travellers will also be on the lookout for good travel deals online or at travel marts,” he said.