Police urged to be lenient on tourism coaches

KOTA KINABALU: MATTA Sabah Chapter led by its Deputy Chairman, Pamela Tseu paid a courtesy call to district police chief ACP Habibi Majinji on Wednesday.

A few issues were highlighted, amongst which are no proper designated parking area for tour buses which caused heavy traffic jams, traffic congestion at airport, illegal travel operators, safety and security of tourists.

Both parties shall collaborate and Habibi agreed to provide briefing for the tourism stakeholders' staff.

Also present at the meeting were heads of police department, Sabah MATTA Chapter Committee and MATTA Malaysia President Datuk KL Tan.

The MATTA Sabah Chapter informed that tourism coaches have limited parking space and the law enforcers therefore should be lenient in enforcement.

It claimed that the City Hall had failed to provide sufficient designated parking lots for excursion coaches.

Police said tour agencies have 1,000 small and big tour excursion vehicles in Kota Kinabalu.