MATTA hails ministry's decision on extra flights

Kuala Lumpur: The Transport Ministry received a thumps-up sign from the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA ) for mounting extra flights during the Chinese New Year and upcoming Hari Raya holiday periods.

Such move is indeed laudable because it will allow Malaysians to go back to their hometown and celebrate with family and love ones, its President Datuk Tan Kok liang said.

“We are grateful with the Minister of Transport for addressing the issues of the travel and tour industry particularly on mounting extra flights for airlines during the Chinese New Year and the upcoming Hari Raya holiday period to allow Malaysians to go back to their hometown and celebrate with family and loved-ones.”

He said mounting of extra flights has resulted in more affordable and best value air fares for travelers during peak festive period particularly between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. The additional volume of flights aimed to cater to the surge in demand for air travel during peak festive period has benefited to the growth of domestic tourism.

Tan said land, air and sea plays a crucial role for a healthy tourism industry and are necessary to ensure the growth of tourist arrivals and to stay competitive. 

Hence, he said MATTA is looking forward to work closely with the Ministry of Transport to facilitate the growth of the domestic tourism industry such as touting issues at airports and taking responsive measures on airport operational issues raised by the industry.

Tan said these include issues on tourist transport such as issuance and renewal of vehicle permits, enforcement on unlicensed transport operators and upgrading of vehicles to cater for high-end tourists.”